Doss Blockos Merry Jane Pineapple OG 375ml x 4

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Doss Blockos ‘Merry Jane’ Pineapple OG


This one’s been a century in the making. In 2017, Doss Blockos released Australia’s first hemp beer after a 100-year-ban on hemp was finally lifted.

In 2020, we are brewing for change with the release of our special edition, seasonal strains of hemp ales with our friends at Merry Jane.

Brewed with savoury hemp notes and a hint of tropical sweetness, our hemp ales are best enjoyed with open-minded conversations with your best buds.

Strain #2 Pineapple OG is phat and juicy. This original gangsta has been hip-hopped to create a fresh hemp session ale with a punchy pineapple tang.

Take a deep breath. Inhale the tropical aromas. Feel the change in the air for as long as it lasts with our special edition brew, Pineapple OG.


ABV 4.2%

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