The Giant Durif

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The Giant Durif

The Durif red wine grape is one of Australia’s undiscovered gems. We suspect that people in the know keep quiet about it so as not to arouse too much competition for what is, after all, a scarce bottle of wine. Atze’s Corner is one of the only wineries in the Barossa Valley to have planted Durif, and based on the outstanding results, there is a plan to plant more in the future.

Named 'The Giant' in tribute to an overly tall Barossa settler, the wine fully lives up to that description in all respects. You just have to witness the colour, which is a luminous purple black!

It’s dark and deliciously deep. The bouquet is brooding, dark and moody with black fruits and sweet spices, maybe a hint of liquorice too. A full-bodied wine with crafted, harmonious tannins backed up with a fresh line of acidity the fruit shines vividly.

For a variety noted for its robust tannins, this wine has got them fully corralled and under control. Tannins are there, but the fruit is so rich that they meld seamlessly, giving the wine some backbone and future, but not, by any means, preventing you enjoying it straight away.

ABV: 14.5%

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